Digital Art

The Fillmore Digital Arts Curriculum is designed to engage students in essential skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking by using digital technology to express creative concepts.

Students explore and experiment with drawing, stop-motion animation, digital alternative processes and photography. They develop the ability to evaluate and synthesize information, media, and other technology by creating authentic projects and making connections between learning and the real world as they have creative fun and build a skill set that prepares them for a globally competive world.

Our digital arts instrutor, Ms Pollet, currently instructs students in exploring applications from the Adobe CS6 Master Collection, including Photoshop, Flash and Premiere Pro, for drawing, image manipulation, animation, movie making, and digital photography. The following applications are also used when needed; Dragon Frame, iMovie, Photo Booth, Garage Band.

Students in grades 2-5 are introduced to the Macintosh environment first, learning to create, open, and save files correctly. The Fillmore digital arts lab is equipped with Apple 20″ Intel Core 2 Duo iMacs with iSight cameras, digital cameras, Pro HD1080p web cams, tripods,¬†green screen, multi-plane animation stations, printers, scanners and wacom draw tablets.