The goal of the DANCE program is to provide for the systematic development of technical skills, kinesthetic awareness, and effective and efficient performance in the medium of dance. While skill development–the craft of dance–is basic to the program, Fillmore expands the view to challenge students with the abstract and creative elements of the art including;

  • spontaneous invention
  • individual and group composition and choreography
  • and the study of the interrelatedness of the arts

The program emphasizes the process of discovery, cooperation and control as a group member, and the development of a positive self-concept through the use of the body in motion. Beginning grades, K-3, become acquainted with warm-ups, floor work, locomotor patterns and skills such as the skip, hop, leap, prance, gallop, and slide. They work toward mastery of:

  • axial motions such as twist, flex, bend, stretch, and rise/fall;
  • ability to perceive shape in the body and in movement;
  • ability to isolate and manipulate body parts;
  • and differentiation between polarities in body weightand tension.

Grades 4-6 continue to work in the basic skills with an emphasis on refining technical abilities. There is more opportunity for students to compose and perform. At all levels the introduction of dance history and aesthetics is a standard part of the curriculum. We work at increasing endurance, flexibility, coordination,strength, muscle tone, and balance and the expression and translation of concepts and themes into movements and compositions. Improvisation makes use of memorization skills and sharpens them. Students continually have the opportunity to work solo and in small groups. They learn to listen and to cooperate within a group setting.

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