This is an overview of each of our disciplines. If you would like to see what specific teachers are doing visit our Curriculum by Teacher page. 


Fillmore’s dance program systematically develops movement skills, kinesthetic awareness, and performance prowess. Along with the craft of dance, the program emphasizes discovery, cooperation and control, and the development of a positive self and body image through movement. … read more


Digital Arts

The Fillmore digital arts curriculum is designed to teach students problem-solving and critical thinking skills by using computer technology to express creative concepts in drawing, stop-motion animation, digital alternative processes and photography. Our digital arts lab is equipped with Apple computer’s, scanners, printer’s, digital still & video camera’s and writing tablets. Software includes the Adobe CS6 Master Collection applications, Photoshop, Flash, and Adobe Premiere Pro. The following applications are also used; iMovie, Photobooth and Garage Band…read more

Theater / Drama

Through improvisations, theatre games, storytelling and acting exercises, Fillmore drama students are encouraged to use their bodies, voices, imaginations and emotions to communicate. In addition to learning dramatic presentation, students also learn how to be respectful and discerning audience members…read more



Instrumental and vocal students in grades K-2 learn to work with music’s elements — rhythm, melody, harmony, and form –and to improvise pieces, which they perform along with standard works in ensemble. Students grades 3-8 may learn to play any instrument they wish, provided they practice regularly…read more


Visual Arts

Art activities are introduced sequentially at Fillmore to help students build related skills through various media. Students are encouraged to take risks, which helps them express themselves with more confidence. They learn to observe others’ works carefully and to give form to their own creative ideas…read more