Curriculum by Teacher

Marja Carpenter

GENERAL ART/ PK-2 grade:

Modeling ceramic bowls (dinnerware safe)  and creating “Book About Me” /Author and Illustrator.

Followed by Still Life drawing of fruit /Oil Pastels.

SCULPTURE/ 3-5 grade:

Modeling ceramic sculpture for PEACE inspired by Beniamino Buffano, Italian immigrant.


Planning, exploring and sharing ideas how to create environmentally friendly community. Discussing space use, building categories and transportation etc.



Allison Crocket

Vocal/Choral Music

Pre K, Kindergarten, & 1St grade

Students learn general music with an emphasis on using their voice. Students will learn and demonstrate echo and call and response which introduces them to group and individual pitch as well as unison and two part singing. We are learning opposites in music – high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft and their corresponding musical vocabulary:

  • Dynamics and volume levels – piano/forte/mezzo piano/mezzo forte
  • Vocal Registration – head and chest voices
  • Tempo and Speed – andante/allegro and ritardando/accelerando

All students will be learning ensemble singing and how to perform and sing as an ensemble. We also will work on individual solo singing. Students will experience using instruments as an ensemble and demonstrate simple rhythmic patterns and steady beats.

There is a special emphasis this year on music of the Americas. We will learn Brazilian folk songs, Navajo songs, a cappella songs, spirituals, jazz, musical theater selections, and songs from The American Songbook.

Reading is highlighted in this class. Books are intertwined with the curriculum to teach the above criteria. A sample list of books that will be covered in the semester is included in the Welcome Letter.

 Vocal Music Classes

PreK – K

Students will be learning to manipulate the quality of their voices through volume(piano/forte), speed(fast/slow), high/low(head and chest registers), and connected/disconnected (legato/staccato). Learning to sing in rounds will continue to be practiced. We will be movement and singing and music listening to books like What is A Whispery Secret and Good Knight to explore dynamics in music. We will be exploring European opera and Mozart’s Magic Flute for the next few weeks.

Grade 1

Students will be practicing more in depth using the quality of their voices through volume(piano/forte), speed(fast/slow), high/low(head and chest registers), and connected/disconnected (legato/staccato). An introduction to singing in rounds will continue with the addition of songwriting using rhyming words. The book to investigate this will be I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More.

Karen Daniels


Yoga – for flexibility, mindfulness and self awareness

Jazz Dance Styles with music and choreography.

Movements, history and choreography of Alvin Ailey (modern), Katherine Dunham (modern/ethnic), and Rennie Harris (Hip Hop)

Integrated Dance and Visual Art Unit, “Jazz Dance with Romare Bearden”  Collage (w/Marja Carpenter) and Painting to Music (w/ Diana Arnold)



Holly Gage

PK-K – General Music

We are exploring the elements of music through movement, singing, and playing instruments. Students enjoy moving and dancing to contrasting types of music. We are also playing auxiliary percussion instruments and progressing into playing orff instruments.

3-5 – Band 

All band students are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Fillmore Concert. Beginning band students are feeling confident with 5 notes and started with concert songs this week. Intermediate band students are working on solos for the upcoming recital and concert music for the Kennedy Center Festival and Fillmore Concert.


 Sm3BandPre04 Sm3band04  

Monique Flowers

K-2nd: Theater

Storybook, and Poetry- Reading aloud different storybooks, and poems, learning about story elements, settings, characters, etc) and the acting out the retelling of a story and or poem. 

Readers Theatre learning the guidelines for readers theatre, creating a script, reading script with fluency, and  having the ability to put on presentation for our fellow peers from other classes. 

3rd-5th: Theater

This spring for 3rd -5th graders started off with variety of theatre challenges. Monologes- How to breakdown a monologue into beats,(Objectives) quick memorization skills and more. Scene work- How to highlight scripts, choosing character roles, breakdown beats, blocking(actors stage directions).  Students have successfully completed their monologue task and now working on scene work.

In the next upcoming weeks students will then have opportunity to help with selecting our spring production that we will end with in June. 


 Sm3Keegan 01

Christine Kharazian

3rd-5th: Strings

Beginners are discovering notes with fingers on strings and playing their first notated tunes. One of our first such songs is Boil’em Cabbage Down, a fun fiddle tune with it’s variations. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own rhythm variations of this tune, our first steps in improvisation!

Intermediate students are playing scales and working on Bonaparte’s Retreat, a folk song arranged by Mark O’Connor and Mexican dance, Firoliralera. The Theme of the Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is in our plans. In addition to the Fillmore spring concert, intermediate students will have some additional performing opportunities, one of which is DCPS Music Festival at the Kennedy Center in April. 



 Tiik Pollet

K – Shapes, Layers, and Digital Block Prints:  Kindergarten students are using iMac’s and learning Photoshop as they explore black & white shapes, positive & negative space, colors, and keyboard commands. Photoshop tools used are the brush, eraser, lasso, color picker, layer panel, and history panel.

2 – Digital Block Prints: Students are learning to explore black & white shapes, positive & negative space, and keyboard commands using iMac’s, Photoshop, the lasso & brush and command i. Students are creating original and some interpretive block prints.

3-5 – Digital Block Prints: Students are exploring black & white shapes, positive & negative space, and keyboard commands using iMac’s, Photoshop, the lasso & brush and command i. They are creating original block prints, as well as block print interpretations of photographs.

3-5 – Comic Books: Using Comic Life and Photoshop, Digital Arts students are eagerly engaged in collaborative teams developing narratives for Comic Book stories – planning storyboards, drawing characters and scenes, and writing dialogue. Creating Comic Books allows students an excellent opportunity improve literacy while having fun. 

3-5 – Stop-Motion Animation: During the semester Digital Arts students will begin working in collaborative stop-motion animation teams. Techniques may involve dry-erase, cut-outs, 3D objects, and multi-plane. This is another excellent opportunity for students to improve literacy and develop collaborative skills while engaged in pre-production, production, and post production for narrative.

3-5 – Digital Collage: During the semester students may work on digital collage. Techniques may include Photo-Surreal, Metal Creatures, and the Cherry Blossom Contest. Cherry Blossom digital collage works are made ready for entry in the spring DC Youth Art Contest.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival and DC Arts & Humanities Education Collaborative invite students from DC public and public charter schools in grades K through 12 to participate in the Youth Art Contest. Fillmore students have often been contest winners. Using Photoshop, students create original collage compositions.

3-5 – Logo Design: Digital Arts students may be engaged in the graphics of LOGO design, learning the 5 principles and definitions of good LOGO design; Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Appropriate. Using the internet to research successful, less successful and failed LOGO designs gives students a broad look at the industry, as well as ideas about what may and may not work as they brainstorm their own designs. Designs begin on paper and are finalized using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Students have the choice to work collaboratively or independently. 


 DA Sm3Sydney Surreal Collage  DA Sm3Andre Dragacevac

Elena Strunk

1st – 2nd: General Art

First grade classes have been doing a painting of a puppet wearing a patterned kimono for the Cherry Blossom Contest.  Soon, first graders will finish up self-portraits from earlier in the year, learn about color, do paper weaving, draw portraits, and draw the human figure from found objects they’ve arranged on paper.   

 3rd-5th: ArtFUNdementals

3rd grade through 5th grade students are working on a city skyline.  Next, they will paint a cubist portrait and make a symbolic tile made from clay.  For the next eight weeks, my second period Mixed Media students from Key will be working with an architect and in small groups collaboratively creating urban landscapes. 



Sally Tsou

My students are building, and making 3D ceramic cake treasure boxes (Key 3-5th), 3D functional soup bowls (Stoddert 3-5th), free standing 3D dragons ( Ross, Marie Reed 3-5th), And drawing Cherry Blossom landscape (all students) 1920 gold lines designs (k – 5th), and will be working on Corner Stone (Key 2nd grade) Asian Batik fabric designs (Ross 3 – 5th).

Submitted images of students’ art works with the inspiration of the American Artist, Frank Stella inspiration to Crayola National Art Exhibition contest.