Classroom News

Our talented Fillmore arts teachers are joyfully hard at work bringing out the artists, musicians, and performers in your kiddo’s! Here is some of what our young artists have been exploring in their classes.


 CARPENTER – Visual Art

Stoddert, and Key General Art for K-1 Grade 

Young artists have completed:

  • SELF PORTRAITS with Mixed Media including crayons, watercolor and collage techniques.
  • PINCH POTS decorated with ancient CUNEIFORM writing (Mesopotamia) and painted with gold, silver and copper. 
  • PATTERNS with crayons and watercolor.

Stoddert General Art for 3-5 Grade 

Young artists are in the final process of EMBOSSING design on foil.

The next project is OP ART – Optical Illusion on paper with markers and color pencils.

  Key, General Art for 3-5 Grade

Young artists have completed:

  • EMBOSSING design on foil.
  • At the present, students are modeling Self Portraits on clay.

KHARAZIAN – Music and Strings

Music – Stoddert 1st grade and Key Kindergarten

We are exploring our singing voices and our abilities to create rhythms with simple percussion Instruments: rhythm sticks , shakers, pitched bells and xylophones.

In our path to better musicianship we are practicing audiation, which is the ability to hear music without actual sound present.  

Strings – Stoddert, Ross and Key

Beginning strings are growing in their ability to produce nice sounds with our magic  wands – bows. 

We are using open strings for now, and will be getting to know the notes on fingerboard pretty soon!

Intermediate strings are on a creative path as we are exploring a lot of improvisation and composition activities. I am really excited about having several advanced students and hope to provide them with opportunities to shine and excite the rest of the students. 


MS POLLET – Digital Arts

Stoddert, Ross , Key and West

Students are excitedly engaged and using Photoshop CS6 to create 

  • Block Prints – digital self-portraits (2-5)
  • Collage – digital self-portrait, Cherry Blossom, Diversity & Landscapes(2-5)
  • Design Intern – business cards, taglines, letterhead, logo, video PSA, CD cover, bus ad’s
  • Photoshop Animation

Some students are also using Dragon Frame to create dry-erase stop-motion animations.

West music scholars in grades PK3, PK4, K, 2 & 4 learning to

  • melody & harmony for “Tour of the States”
  • writing an original song
  • Team building games
  • various percussion and melodic instruments (drums, xylophone, tamborine)
  • empathy for those who enjoy music, though, may be restricted in movement due to disablilty




K – 2 General Music

Kindergarten Music is having so much fun with exploring musical through instruments, form, books, and circle games.

2nd Grade Music we are working on reading rhythms and will start learning how to play the recorders starting this month.

3-5 Band 

Band is off to a running start. All band students should be practicing daily and returning a Practice Journal every week. Practicing is the only way for new information to stick…please help your student create good habits. Beginning band has learned 3 notes and working really hard on reading notes, rhythms and fingerings. Intermediate band is expanding our skills to learning scales and have started our winter concert songs.



19-21 – Open House AM 10-11am, PM 1-2pm


10 – 2nd Fillmore After School Workshop – Holiday Decorating – 3:45-5:45pm


9 – Band Practice – 4-4:45-Beginning, 4:45-5:30-Intermediate

16 – Winter Music Concert 7pm