Classroom News

Our talented Fillmore arts teachers are joyfully hard at work bringing out the artists, musicians, and performers in your kiddo’s! Here is some of what our young artists have been exploring in their classes.

CROCKETT – Chorus and Music

Stoddert 1st Grade | Ross 1/2 and Key 1st Grade 

We are exploring the differences between beat and rhythm through chants and dances.

  • We are stepping out quarter note beats through dancing the West African song Funga Alafia and clapping the rhythm of the chorus. 
  • We have learned to identify eighth and quarter notes.
  • We are doing a Halloween chant, Ms White Had a Fright, and using Halloween words to hear and feel the rhythm utilizing those types of notes. 

We have explored the sounds of our voices through the elements of music and through our Echo Me game.

  • Individual students are learning how to lead the class with their voices.
  • Round singing has been the focus of this semester to learn how to sing in two parts. This gets the student’s ears ready for choral part singing in the future.
  • Our major piece is Aaron Copland’s arrangement of the song Ching a-Ring.
   Stoddert Pre-K

We are learning the elements of music: high low, loud soft, fast slow, connected and disconnected though echoing, songs, and chants. Our favorite right now is Five Little Mice! Echoing sound is our focus while we sing and pair dance to the Hello There song.

   Stoddert Chorus

We have an exciting show planned for December 4!! We will be singing in the Generations of Vocal Jazz concert at George Washington University, which includes GW JiVE vocal jazz chorus and Capitol City Voices. I am really excited to teach the students Jazz, scat singing and swing feel.  We are also including Hebrew music as well. A significant portion of Jazz and American Pop music lexicon comes from Jewish composers from Eastern Europe. This influence is not often mentioned and I wanted to spotlight that part of jazz history.  Parents of students in the choir will be receiving information concerning this concert by the end of the month. 


 CARPENTER – Visual Art

Stoddert, and Key General Art for K-1 Grade 

Young artists have completed:

  • SELF PORTRAITS with Mixed Media including crayons, watercolor and collage techniques.
  • PINCH POTS decorated with ancient CUNEIFORM writing (Mesopotamia) and painted with gold, silver and copper. 
  • PATTERNS with crayons and watercolor.

Stoddert General Art for 3-5 Grade 

Young artists are in the final process of EMBOSSING design on foil.

The next project is OP ART – Optical Illusion on paper with markers and color pencils.

  Key, General Art for 3-5 Grade

Young artists have completed:

  • EMBOSSING design on foil.
  • At the present, students are modeling Self Portraits on clay.

KHARAZIAN – Music and Strings

Music – Stoddert 1st grade and Key Kindergarten

We are exploring our singing voices and our abilities to create rhythms with simple percussion Instruments: rhythm sticks , shakers, pitched bells and xylophones.

In our path to better musicianship we are practicing audiation, which is the ability to hear music without actual sound present.  

Strings – Stoddert, Ross and Key

Beginning strings are growing in their ability to produce nice sounds with our magic  wands – bows. 

We are using open strings for now, and will be getting to know the notes on fingerboard pretty soon!

Intermediate strings are on a creative path as we are exploring a lot of improvisation and composition activities. I am really excited about having several advanced students and hope to provide them with opportunities to shine and excite the rest of the students. 


MS POLLET – Digital Arts

Stoddert, Ross and Key

We are so proud of Mason Zachary who entered the Annual Cherry Blossoms Art contest for DCPS students, and received an honorable mention in the elementary grades 3-5 category for his digital collage titled “Shipment of Cherry Blossoms”. Bravo, Mason!

Students are excitedly engaged and using Photoshop CS6 to create 

  • Block Prints – digital self-portraits (2-5)
  • Collage – digital self-portrait, Cherry Blossom, Diversity & Landscapes(2-5)
  • Design Intern – business cards, taglines, letterhead, logo, video PSA, CD cover, bus ad’s

Some students are also using Dragon Frame to create dry-erase stop-motion animations.

West music scholars in grades PK3, K, 2 & 4 learning to

  • melody & harmony for “Lean On Me”, “Walk a Mile in Your Shoes” & “The Greatest Love”
  • writing an original song
  • various percussion and melodic instruments (drums, xylophone, tamborine)
  • empathy for those who enjoy music, though, may be restricted in movement due to disablilty


1st Grade

  • We worked on self-portraits at the beginning of the year in first grade.  
  • By doing a “bubble painting” we studied how primary colors make secondary colors. 
  • We learned about the color wheel. We explored line in a sculpture and in a watercolor resist painting. Now we are further exploring line as we paint to “Peter and the Wolf.”

2nd Grade 

  • We explored overlapping by drawing a self-portrait doing a favorite activity with a friend.
  • We have recently finished an animal sculpture using three-dimensional paper techniques.  
  • We are on to the exploration of line with a watercolor resist painting and painting to music.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades 

  • Artists completed radial line prints using watercolor and styrofoam.
  • We explored portraiture by doing self portraits and portraits that show emotion. 
  • We will be working on clay gargoyles for the next several weeks.


Welcome to 2nd semester. I am welcoming new 2nd grade and Kindergarten classes.

This semester we will be focusing on keyboards, orff instruments, recorders, and auxiliary percussion.

Band classes are starting to work on new music!

Please help remind your student to practice…they should all have new music now :)

**PARENTS & GUARDIANS: If you play an instrument – we would love to invite you to perform a song with us during the final concert. Don’t worry…it’s easy, fun, and your student would love to play with you! If you need an instrument, please ask. More info and music to come!**