What A Great Start to the 2017-18 School Year!

Several visitors from Mansfield, Texas chose Fillmore as one

of the models for a school they are going to open next year. 

Our visitors included the  Associate Superintendents of Curriculum and Instruction, Facilities and Business and Finance. 

They were duly impressed with our model and our enriching history.   

We had a number of performances by the Kennedy Center Opera House orchestra members for each of our schools, including West EC and River Terrace.

Digital Arts Students ROCK the Hour of Code!

Ms Pollet’s Digital Art's kiddos excitedly engage in

Hour of Code days, when they are tasked to block code

various game challenges, achieve higher levels, and

earn a completion certificate.

KUDOS!! Ms Pollet has been chosen as a finalist in the

2018 Women In Technology Awards

 Students from Key, Stoddert and Ross were treated by the Hamilton Hotel to (the best!) hot chocolate and cookies on December 14th.  In their Fillmore classes, these students created unique, imaginative holiday ornaments for the lobby tree that include Pirate Hamilton's, Top Hat Hamilton's, Cool shades Hamilton's and many glitter and feather Hamilton's.


We also had the gift of two wonderful Fillmore performers; 

Evan Halich from Ross with a piano piece, and, William Smith from Stoddert sang and played guitar.  The appreciative audience praised the event, some saying the performances MADE their holiday! 




Fillmore After School
Arts Workshops
 January 30 - April 12 
Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:45 - 5:45  Winter Concert  January 25, 7-8pm
2nd floor auditorium

Winter Share Days

1/10 Ross,

1/16 Stoddert,

1/18 Key



Evan Halich,

a Fillmore / Ross student